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Hear It From Me - Julie

For many years and I still do, teach students from 6 to 14 years old (Grade 1 - Grade 8) at BrainBuilder.

Since 2017, we had a demand for online teaching for remote students and parents with busy schedules. Our students now extend beyond our shores to Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, UAE and USA.

While the focus of the teaching I do is math problem solving, I enjoy problem solving to unlock each child's potential in learning math. Every child I cross paths with has the ability to do better. While I can't teach everyone, I do want to reach out to as many students and parents. Hopefully this blog could service parents to support their child.

Mathoodle is my vision to reach every parent and child who is looking at improving regardless of their current math journey, and children beaming with confidence.

I am more than happy to incorporate your queries as a topic blog post if it hasn't been discussed.

One of my favourite Confucius quotes 

"Education breeds confidence.

Confidence breeds hope.

Hope breeds peace.”

Hopefully my vision will also be my contribution to society.

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